Cranial Therapy Centers

Our sister company Cranial Therapy Centers are skilled at helping patients of all ages, particularly young ones. Pediatrics has been our passion since the “Birth” of Pedicare Othopedics as can be seen from our company name. Whatever the problem is, such as a birth defect, an injury, or an illness, we’re ready to help.

Our pediatric process starts with a thorough evaluation, which includes gathering all available data and information from a child’s physicians and therapists. We will then measure our patient for the most appropriate device possible. Measurements can be done in the form of casting, numerical measurements, or scans of the affected area. The fitting of the orthosis or prosthesis is next. Once we feel comfortable with the fit, the patient and his or her parents will be instructed on wearing and caring for the device. At this point follow-up appointments are usually scheduled.

Our team not only provides the orthosis or prosthesis, but also stands by your child with continued care throughout their recovery. Our practitioners frequently sit in on rehabilitation sessions to make sure the device is working, as it should. We want to be sure your child is progressing, as they should. If problems arise they will be addressed promptly.

In order to make the strongest steps towards your goals, several things are needed. The right rehabilitation care team, the right prosthesis or orthosis, and the right ongoing care are all necessary to get real results. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why so many patients have trusted our team over the years. We work hand in hand with your child’s physicians and therapists to make sure that your child continues to progress properly.