Lower Extremity Prosthetics

We provide patients with lower extremity prosthetic devices by using the latest technology and the highest quality of lightweight materials. Our main focus is helping each patient reach their goals by creating a prosthesis that is useful, comfortable and cosmetically appealing. We are here to help the patients regain their self-confidence as they return to their normal lifestyle. If the patient needs or desires to return to work, sports, or play with their children or grandchildren, we have a prosthetic device to match every aspect of their life. All prosthetic options will be discussed with the patient and their entire team to ensure they receive the most appropriate device. Our prosthetists work closely with their patients, physicians, therapists, and family members, to develop the best treatment plan. We are here to ensure they receive all the support needed to assist in their rehabilitation process. We provide care for every level of lower extremity amputation including hip-disarticulation, hemi-pelvectomy, above-knee, knee-disarticulation, below-knee, and partial foot amputees. Lower extremity prostheses customized to meet the patients needs. Numerous factors such as a patient’s age, weight, activity level, residual limb size and shape, as well as their diagnosis and prognosis help our practitioners choose the most appropriate componentry for our patients. The socket design is the most important part of the prosthesis. This is where the prosthesis interacts with the patients remaining limb. The socket must fit properly to ensure the best possible outcome. Our practitioners go to great lengths to make sure our patients are comfortable in the prosthesis.  Our practitioners routinely get certified in the new componentry developed by our manufactures. Some of the advanced prosthetic devices we specialize in is the Helix 3D Hip Joint System, Genuim Knee, C-Leg, Power Knee, Symbionic Leg, Proprio Foot, Harmony System, Utah Arm, and the i-Limb.