Orthotic & Prosthetic Services

The primary goal of orthotics is to assist the muscular and skeletal systems in a positive way.

Cranial Therapy Centers

Pedicare introduces to you Cranial Therapy Centers located in Lakewood & Teaneck NJ

Gait Clinic

The primary objectives of the “Gait Clinic” is to provide a comprehensive solution for patients  who exhibit foot drop

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Excellent service focusing of the patient rather than on the orthotic.
Yehoshua 0Q., October 2016
He provided very patient and knowledgeable care . Thank you!
Gitel F., October 2016
I hope Pedicare continues to accept Medicare patients! Judah Rosenberg is the first orthotist to get it right ! Uses modern technology to determine gait biomechanics .
Joan R., Nov 2016
I feel like a different person with orthotics. Thank you
Aaron M., April 2016
He started walking Happily!!
David M. , April 2016
I am satisfied with my orthotics and all appointments scheduled to fit me properly.
Rochel S., April 2016
Very nice office to deal with.  
Leah L., April 2016
Would definitely recommend to my friends and family.
Martin L., April 2016
Significant improvement when orthotics are being worn . Thank you!
Helen M. , April 2016
Thank you so much for the amazing  service and care!
Rochel B., March 2016
Victor I., March 2016
Very happy with services and orthotics.
Shayna K., March 2016
Excellent job.
Shimon S., March 2016
Keep up the amazing work
Yisroel R., March 2016
I was very happy with the services provided!  
Chaya Y., March 2016
Thank you so much for a wonderful device & excellent service!
Rochel T., March 2016
It was a pleasure to be treated here.
Menachem D., March 2016
Very satisfied with the service and happy with the progress.
Shragi C., March 2016
Pleasant office and staff, eager to maximize treatment .
Mordechai G., March 2016
Excellent service , great fit . Shoes feeling great in them , Thanks.  
Nechama R., February 2016
Very professional service. Thank you
Faye L., February 2016
Was very impressed with everyone and everything in your facility . Thank you
Devora M., February 2016
Thank you  , He is enjoying the comfort everyday !
Avraham E., February 2016
Thank you for making sure our son's feet look just perfect & that his braces are beautiful as well!!  Thank you for extending you services for us !
Z.Bouskila, February 2016
I was just thinking of how lucky my child is to get orthotic care from you . The warmth and sensitivity that you exude is so heartwarming! Thank you for servicing my child in such a caring , professional manner!
A very grateful patent, February 2016
Thank you so much , especially for getting it all done before I moved. My back feels a lot better!!
Tzipporah F., February 2016
Would happily recommend Pedicare to others.  Thank you
Etty T., February 2016
It was a very nice experience with excellent results!
Boruch T., February 2016
Solomon S. , February 2016
Very satisfied with service!
Raphael A., February 2016
Very satisfied! Thank you!
Chaim T., February 2016
It was a pleasure ! Thank you!  
Ruchie G., February 2016
Thank you!
Faiga L. , February 2016
Very good experience! She's been wearing orthotics for a while but it was never explained to us like you did !! Very Happy
Faiga R. , February 2016
Service of knowledge was excellent!!
Eliyohu C., february 2016
Thanks it was a great experience
Yosef W., February 2016
I would refer everybody here. Really nice practitioner , patience for any questions and issues for all great orthotics  above and beyond!
Eliyohu R., February 2016
Very Professional and thorough!!  
Rivka N. , February 2016
Thank You .. Service was provided with professionalism and accommodation to patients work schedule . Questions were answered , procedures were explained.
Tovia R., February 2016
I am very impressed at how concerned you have been that I am completely satisfied with my orthotics . Thank you!
Helene L., January 2016
Thank you for all your time and patience in ensuring the most desirable results for our daughter .
Devora L. , January 2016
Very pleased with the service .
Chaya L., January 2016
Thank you!
Reuven D., January 2016
Orthotic device appears as part of the shoe , nothing irregular.  
David D. , January 2016
Thank you!
Avrohom K., January 2016
Very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Thank you!
Abraham R., January 2016
Thank you for patiently explaining what Yehoshua needed and how he would benefit from the orthotics.
Yehoshua B., January 2016
Orthotics are very helpful!
Esther F., January 2016
Great experience!!
Meyer C., January 2016
Mr. Rosenberg was very caring , he inquired about the way I was feeling . Thank you!
Sholom F. , January 2016
I was very impressed with Mr. Rosenberg's knowledge and competence. He explained everything clearly and very pleasant.  
Rosie A., January 2016
Very Pleasant office experience.
Aliza K. , November 2015
Thank you! Your expertise and professionalism are vey much appreciated.  Rivka woke up every night for 5 years crying in pain until you made her orthotics. You were one incredible shaliach .
Rivka A., November 2015
Thank you! My orthotics are relieving me of so much of my foot pain!
Shayna N, March 2015
We have seen more stability in Fraida's foot since wearing orthotics Thanks!
Fraida S., December 2014
Judah went above and beyond!
Sima S., January 2013
Provider was very professional , pleasant and very knowledgeable ; The assistant was  also very helpful and pleasant.
Miriam L, January 2013
I am in no longer constant pain. I can do what I need to do! Keep up the excellent work !
Shira P, October 2011
Courtesy level was above excellence and a pleasure to deal with.
Nathan G, December 2013
Thank you so much , I feel much better!
Shana A, December 2013
Will be pleased to recommend to anyone with foot problems !
Mair R., January 2014
Great atmosphere , Great service! Thank you
Anna Z, April 2014
Very Satisfied.
Yitzchok S., April 2014
I recommend Pedicare to anyone. Judah & his team are true mentchem. They are professional & courteous , sensitive to all of their clients.
Israel B, October 2015
I was Extremely impressed with my whole experience at Pedicare. Thank you for helping me be on my feet without pain!  
Tzivia A., July 2015
These Orthotics & brace really are helpful a lot I feel much better! Thank you for your wonderful service!
Hindy L, Sepetmber 2015
The use of the stretching splint was a tremendous help & contributed greatly to correcting my walk as well as helping me avoid Physical Therapy !
Raizel H, September 2015
Shown Improvement in many gross motor skills-pedaling, climbing , jumping , running ....
Gedalya G., September 2015