Foot Orthotic Therapy

By closely monitoring over 5,000 feet, our specialist at the Gait Clinic have over the years successfully developed a comprehensive & innovative approach to achieve significant results.  We have been treating issues starting from toe pathologies and all the way the kinetic chain as far as asymmetry of the spinae and associated symptoms.  Our statistics show as much as a 90% satisfaction outcome. The following are just 2 examples:

  1. Traditionally, foot/ankle orthotic intervention is provided to function as a static device to promote healing & function. At the Gait Clinic, over the years we been successfully developing & integrating into our treatment plan devices that take on more of a  “life like” and dynamic approach.  As is necessary, with contracture (tightness & limited range of motion) management. Our devices will be modified to dynamically provide therapy by applying tension to contracted joints with every step you take. In regard to patients with low tone or muscle weakness our devices can be modified to introduce elastic energy into every step, creating propulsive energy through the gait cycle.

2.  Generally, the degree of intervention is determined at the initial evaluation and left unchanged throughout treatment. At the Gait Clinic, all patients are initially fitted for a trial period only. After initial trial, patient will be re-evaluated. Minimum to significant modifications are usually necessary depending on patients initial response. We will continue to monitor patient progression with periodic reassessment & adjustments until all initial biomechanical symptoms are resolved. As our saying goes, at Pedicare Orthopedics we offer “care without limitations!”